Why a Kickstarter?

CreativeSound Kickstarter Image

A couple of weeks ago we launched a Kickstarter to help fund our next album. But for us it’s much more than just making some music.

Throughout our walk with God we have been brought on this particular path to learn about the power of music, the sound of heaven and how He loves to change the atmosphere around our lives. We’ve been amazed to see how he can do this just through the simplicity of a piece of music.

The music we made for the album Frequencies opened our eyes to how deeply this impacts people. It’s not just some relaxing music to have on when you’re praying, these sounds carry something different. We specifically designed them to resonate with frequencies that aren’t emphasised in ordinary music. In particular, we focussed our music to resonate with the frequency of different essential oils (a further explanation of this is included when Frequencies is bought from our website).

Over the last few months we’ve become aware of other people across the globe doing similar things with sound. This really encouraged us because we thought we were alone in what we were doing. It’s becoming clear that God is releasing something totally knew. We believe this is the case for all areas of life but in terms of music, we’re excited to be participating in the revelation of a new sound. We see this Kickstarter as an invitation for others to sow into the development of a new expression of worship and of God in the earth.

On a more personal note, CreativeSound exists as a family. Music is a shared love and our creativity flows not just out of relationship with God, but also out of relationship with each other. It’s our dream to be able to focus the majority of our life on the enjoyment and expression of music. We hope that our Kickstarter provides us with the oportunity to do just that, atleast for a little while. But we also see it as an opportunity to sow into our life as a family, as well as into the work of God.

It’s because of all these things that we so appreciate every word of encouragement, every engagement with our content online, and every single contribution towards our goal on Kickstarter.

We want to join in with others around the world who are releasing a new sound. We want to join in with a new expression of heaven. And we hope you will choose to join us.

Desire And Surrender

Have you ever want something really bad? A new car? A new house? A girlfriend? A boyfriend? or just some friends?  You start to really desire that particular thing.

Let’s take the example of a new car. You have a car that you really want, you start to think what it would be like to own THAT CAR, you start to imagine what it would be like to drive it, how smooth it will drive, how cool you look driving it around town etc. Before long you have painted out this picture in your mind of how your life will look when you have this car and its the best life ever! You start to really want it, you start thinking about it a lot and this idea is slowly becoming a big part of your life. This is where the surrender comes in.

I’m not saying that its wrong to want things, want things all you want it doesn’t bother me. However I think when we really want something it can become difficult to let it go we just want to hold onto this perfect idea and I feel like when I desire something God wants to see if I will chose him over this desire so I surrender this dream to him, completely let go of it because my relationship with him is more important than any other desire .

And in the end he normal gives you the thing you need. It might be that sweet Ferrari that you’ve always dreamed of, or it might be a family seven seater car because you’re wife has just told you she is pregnant with triplets! He always knows what you really need.


Why Worship?

How many times have you spent time in worship?
How many times has God told you to spend time in worship?

I was once asked those questions, and my own answers shook me up.

When we read or hear people talk about being a ‘doer of your own thing’ it’s easy to think it actually means a ‘doer of ungodly things’. It never crosses our mind that ‘our own thing’ could be something like praying or worshipping. Because those are the things we should be doing, right?

Those two questions and the answers I gave led me down a path to realise that I was on a completely different page to God. If God hasn’t told me to worship then I must have a different motive behind my actions. It brought to light the reality of my heart; that when I would choose to spend time in worship, the root motive was self gain. I was doing these things to make myself feel good.

The Word says that the Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God, which is unsettling when you realise God has never told you to do any of this stuff that you keep doing. The issue many of us have is that we live out of a religious mindset that says “To be approved, to be good enough, you must do this”. This mindset is a purely selfish desire. It either manifests as self-punishment; where we force ourselves to do certain activities in order to feel qualified, or as self-exaltation; where we complete our holy-to-do-list so we can feel great about ourselves. However the beast of religion chooses to raise it’s ugly head, the focus is always on you. It’s self-focussed.

So what’s the solution?

It’s important to allow God to reveal the issues and hidden motives of our heart, let it come into the light (no matter how painful). For me, I had to surrender all these things I did for self gain and give them all back to God. I had to let go of my desire to do my own thing. And if you have a craving for that self-fulfilled ‘I feel good’ feeling, just be honest with God, tell Him what your needs are and trust Him to provide for you, without running back to the old ways.

The rest is up to Him. Through our continual position of being yielded to God, He will cleanse our hands and purify our hearts.

Joyful Noise!

So after months of work we’ve finally finished our album!

“Joyful Noise” is available for the cheap cheap price of £5 on our website.

It feels good to have finally finished it. I’m excited about what happens next!

Please go check it out 🙂 we really hope you enjoy it.

How To Create

CreateWhilst me and my wife have been working on our first full length album, I’ve encountered a few different struggles. I’ve felt incapable of writing music, and sometimes when I have an idea I have no clue how to actually make it work in a recording or in a song. These little issues have led me to ask and think about the process of creating. My previous blog “Faith and Hope” sets the stage for some of this stuff.

I began to realise that before you create something, the idea of it is within you, your heart ponders on it and you hold it within you. For me it was music but it could be anything, a painting, even a dinner you’re about to cook. It starts as an idea, you can brood over it, think on it, look at it within your heart. You hold it inside of you as you dream about what it will look like, what it will sound like, what effect it will have on people, each tiny aspect of what it does and how out works. As you grow your ability to see the idea and desire of your heart in it’s fulness, you grow the maturity of your hope. I believe it’s possible to be able to dream and desire every single detail of what you are about to create. It’s actually as your hold it in your heart and actively engage with the hope within you that real creativity happens. (I realise this sounds like it’s going against the beautiful thing of spontaneity and I do believe there’s something important about being able to be spontaneous, but I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt so far).

Last time I recorded an instrumental track (Healing Light) I decided to try this out. I spent time before picking up my guitar dreaming and framing up inside of me what I wanted the music to be. Not only what it would sound like, what chords/notes would be used etc, but the atmosphere contained within the music, the effect it would have on people or how it would change the environment it’s played in. I allowed myself to build up hope of the potential of what it could be.

And then comes the expression. Taking all that I had just built up within me and manifesting it out into an audible work of music. This is the hard bit. This is the bit that requires skill and an ability, a power to express what was previously hidden inside of me. I thought it would be harder to create something for which you have a very specific idea for, but because I had spent so much time creating it on the inside of me, it was actually easier to create it on the outside. This was because I had the entire framework of what it would look at the end already there at the beginning. Of course it would be difficult if I hadn’t got previously acquired skills such as how to play the guitar and use the software I had. If you did lack the skills, I believe that spending time desiring and dreaming about having those skills sets you up to obtain them. If you spend every day dreaming about playing the piano, eventually you’re going to play the piano.

This pattern of something being inside you to then be expressed on the outside of you is becoming obviously key to almost all ways of living. Your inner reality is far more important than you realise. It affects everything around you.

Faith and Hope.

There’s a verse in the bible that is used fairly frequently in Church and amongst Christians and I’ve begun thinking about it a lot recently, because I realised that for all the talk there is about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a sure, exact explanation of what it is and what it means. Faith. Hope. What actually are they? What do they do? How do we get them? Can someone tell me exactly how they work? How they’re supposed to function in and around my life? How they can be developed and matured? and blah blah blah! I have a lot of questions so I decided to figure out some answers. The verse I’m talking about is Hebrews 11 verse 1:

Now Faith is the substance of things Hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

From my own journey I have discovered that faith and hope are very interesting things that have a much deeper meaning than I once thought. For me, hope is a lot about the desire of what’s going on inside your heart. A lot of the time we use the word hope describe a positive thought about an external situation. Such as “I hope you get well soon” or “I hope it doesn’t rain today”. Whereas it seems to me that hope is about framing up on the inside of you, what you dream and desire to be manifest on the outside of you. For example it is my hope and desire to walk deeper in intimacy with God, to see His Kingdom and grow in maturity. This hope is something that sits inside my heart and I can look into it and grow it, tend to it, begin to dream about what it will be like in the day that I will have my eyes fully opened to His world and everything in it, I can dream about what it will be like to know Him more and relate to Him at a deeper level. This dreaming or pondering grows the hope within me for this day to come to pass. So now instead of passively saying “I hope I am closer to God in the future” I can actively engage with that in my heart and the hope of it will grow and become a tangible reality within me.

That is what I’ve learnt about hope. I believe faith is in some ways an extension of that. Faith is all about your hope being manifested into the Earth. Faith provides evidence and reveals that which was previously unseen. People often talk about faith as if it’s this magical thing that makes stuff happen if you have enough of it. Faith is the functional outworking of your hope and desire to bring it into a tangible reality and manifest it into the world. Faith is the road and the doorway between the untouchable to the touchable. When you have faith, you have the ability to express and manifest something in and around your life that previously wasn’t there. It’s because of faith that someone can step into the Kingdom and engage with the world of the Father. It’s because of faith that someone who so desires to see healing, can lay their hands on another and see healing. Faith isn’t a magical property that you need to acquire enough of, it’s the power to manifest and experience your hearts desire.

One of my recent favourite quotes is “We’re supposed to have faith in our hope, not hope in our faith”. I think there’s a really widespread mindset that thinks “I hope I have enough faith!” instead we should actively engage with the hope inside of us whilst being confident that it will be manifested and expressed around your life. Having faith means that when you dream about something in your heart, it has no choice but to be revealed around you.

I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all of this and I’m sure that there’s much more to learn but this basic understanding of what faith and hope are is helpful to me, so I hope that some of it is helpful for you too.

Healing Light

Earlier this week I recorded another soaking track. I really liked doing this one as I had quite a clear idea in my heart of what I wanted the music to be like and managed to achieve exactly what I wanted to, whereas sometimes making music feels like a walk into the unknown, this felt more like a strategic plan. My first thought was to try and implement a different frequency in my music. I’d read and heard about the way we tune our instruments to A = 440 Hz. This was started and made the standard across all Western music because of Rockefeller.

I won’t go into the details here (as plenty of info can be found from one google search) but this has quite a big effect on the ‘sound’ of music. We’re so used to it now but music used to be tuned to A = 432 Hz. This tuning is said to be much more aligned with a lot of the mathematical patterns found in nature. Whereas 440 is not. So I thought I’d try out making some music that was tuned to a ‘more natural’ frequency. Whether this has a huge effect on the music, if I’m honest, I don’t know. Personally I believe it does, and I’ve seen evidence to suggest that 432 is more listenable, more relaxing and better for you but I’m going to be 100% honest and sometimes I can’t real feel or hear the difference. But I tried it and I like it and it may not be obviously better or nicer but perhaps it is.

Anyway, this music contains lots of these nice, whole, good-for-you frequencies so have a listen!

Also, if you want to learn more about frequency and vibration, this is an interesting article, and I’ll end my blog post with a (big) quote from it:

“I cannot state with complete certainty that every idea suggested in this article is 100% accurate, nor am I an expert on the subject. For this reason, I suggest that we each do our own research on the matter with an open yet discerning mind if we are looking for scientific validation. However, we all possess intuition and the ability to observe without judgment—which can be just as valuable (if not more) as filling our heads with external data. It is therefore up to us to tone down the urge to jump to conclusions and instead EXPERIENCE the difference between A=440 Hz and A=432 Hz. To do so, we need to listen with our entire body and a neutral awareness as opposed to with our mental ideas, judgments and preconceptions.

Let me know which frequency resonates more with you!”


Essential Oils: Peppermint Oil

Peppermint OilPeppermint Oil is one of my favourite oils because it’s so versatile and you can really feel it taking effect when it’s applied. It really can be used for just about anything, it soothes and cools headaches, it can help back pain, neck pain and all kinds of pain, it cools you down, it soothes your stomach, it helps nausea, it’s just great stuff!

This is the first oil I really ‘experienced’. I was told that rubbing a drop or two into your forehead and temples can really help clear your mind, make you more alert and focussed. So I tried it. And boy you feel this oil get to work! This stuff is potent so just one drop on your head can make your eyes water and you can physically feel it tingling on your skin. But as you just rest and let it do it’s work you will quickly feel totally refreshed, clearer thinking and focussed. It’s like taking a wonderfully cool shower on a really hot day. Yet all you need is one drop. It’s also one of the cheaper oils and being so versatile I would highly recommend this oil as a first buy if you’re looking to try some essential oils out.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a scientist or a doctor so I can’t give you the ‘facts’ (I want to learn more about this side of the oils so hopefully my scientific knowledge of them will keep increasing) but I do know what I’ve experienced. When I use just one drop of peppermint on my forehead I feel totally cleansed, alert, and clear. I think we don’t realise how much ‘noise’ is in our minds. We’re always thinking constantly, never really resting and giving ourselves space. With one little drop of peppermint I normally feel totally cleared and focussed. You just gotta try it! And that reminds me, we’ve run out, I need some more!

Essential Oils: Clove Oil

Clove OilAs I said, I wanted to start writing about individual oils and how they’ve worked for me. I just want to talk about these things all day, I love them!

The first oil that I used a lot was Clove Oil. If you’ve ever smelt this oil you’ll probably wonder why, it doesn’t have a very appealing aroma. It’s quite harsh and pungent but it is incredibly powerful and useful. The first thing I learnt about clove oil is how full of antioxidants it is. It’s antioxidant capacity is 1,078,700 on the ORAC scale (compared to blueberries score of 2,400). I don’t claim to be a scientist but from what I understand antioxidants are great for your skin, your heart and even cancers! I started putting a couple of drops in my water bottle everyday when I went to work and overtime I grew an affinity with the smell. Something that began as quite repulsive now smells far more appealing. This is one thing that can happen as you use oils, your body begins to adapt and allow the oils to work with you which in turn affects how you view and experience the oil.

I was also made aware of clove oils ability to keep you healthy and stop those annoying colds and coughs (also note that it is one of the ingredients of the incredible thieves oil). How many of us go through the year (or even just the winter) and at some point you know you’ll take a week off because your body just becomes full of cold and gunk and mess. I know that was my experience until I started regularly using clove oil. I’m aware I made other changes to my lifestyle and diet but it can’t be totally coincidence that since using clove oil I actually don’t think I’ve had a cold once. There’s even been moments when I can feel in my nose or throat the beginnings of what used to leave me down for a week. In those moments I took out my clove oil and sometimes even at the first sniff, I felt my body coming back into the world of health. Might sound crazy but I’m just sharing my experience. This stuff works.

There’s loads more info online about the potential of clove oil but these are the things I have noticed. These oils are amazing! I love learning about how powerful and effective nature can be!

Essential Oils

Essential OilsI’ve been on a journey for the past couple of years, discovering and learning about Essential Oils and the more I find out about them, the more I love them and want to use them all the time. If you haven’t heard of Essential Oils before, they’re basically the purest, most potent and highest concentrated form an oil can be in and they carry the entire benefits of the plant they’re from. When I was first shown them I was so excited about them and something inside me knew these oils are good! I know that some people are a bit skeptical of them and how they benefit your health but I think that’s partially down to the fact that Essential Oils are not regulated properly so their aren’t effective laws in place, for this reason a company could sell a bottle of oil with 1% of it being actual peppermint oil and the rest being chemicals and yet label it 100% peppermint oil. So unfortunately their are a lot of oils sold that are actually toxic and do the opposite of what essential oils are supposed to do. I’ve been using Young Living oils and (they might not be the only ones who do this but) they sell unaltered, pure, organic, carefully produced, 100% in the bottle, Essential Oils. They go to extreme lengths to ensure you get the best quality oil, which means they cost a bit more but who cares!?

I have been fascinated with these oils due to their ability to bring wholeness and healthy living into your life. Various oils can be used to help you with a huge variety of illness, physical pain, emotional trauma and even aid and help your spiritual life. Now to some that is a bold statement and seems quite unbelievable at times but just start using them and you’ll see how effective they are. Their ability to heal is quite incredible. Unlike most chemicals that we put in our body (paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc.) which soothe only the symptoms, and we’ve seen on the news about how our Antibiotics get beaten by the bugs, Essential Oils are chemically far more complex so the bugs and bacteria can’t mutate to get round them. Essential Oils also work in harmony with our bodies to get to the root issue and bring total wholeness. It might seem to some that the oils don’t work, that’s because we’re so used to taking an instant fix drug (which just masks the symptoms) that we’re not used to using something totally natural to aid our body to come into health and wholeness.

Young Living produce a blend of oils which they call ‘Thieves Oil’. This is a really interesting oil due to it’s background. Apparently during times of the black plague, a group of thieves would cover themselves in a particular mix of herbs and spices so they could steal from the sick and dying without becoming sick themselves! From these same ingredients, Young Living produced an incredibly potent oil that is extremely effective at keeping you healthy and well (i.e no more colds!) It sounds a bit farfetched but recently I found this news article explaining how effective Thieves can be and how various Universities have done studies on the Oil. Have a read for yourself!

Due to the oils being a highly concentrated natural product, they are incredibly complex and there is much more to them than I have put in this blog post. They are worth looking into, reading about and, most importantly, they are worth spending some money on and experiencing for yourself. Since using them my life has changed. It actually has. I’m not even advertising! They genuinely have affected my life in a 100% positive way. If you’re interested in them then take a little look online, find out some information and check out Young Living. If you’re still a bit skeptical, well, just have an open mind for a minute or two, feel free to comment and ask questions, and if you can, buy some and try them out yourself!

I want to write more about the oils because I really believe they are essential to whole, healthy, happy and heavenly living. Not that you can’t live without them but once you try them and experience the benefits, you wouldn’t want to!