Ordained Strength

I am so excited! Our fourth instrumental album has been released TODAY! It’s likely that most musicians feel this about their latest work but I really believe this is the best thing we’ve done so far. In terms of it’s composition, quality, significance and even the audio quality, it just feels like a culmination of […]

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Little Update

  I recently checked out this blog again and realised it has been over 18 months!!! Many things have happened since then: we completed the Kickstarter – successfully! we released the followup album to Frequencies – Hope I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease – a lymphoma cancer I was cured of Hodgkins Disease – perhaps I’ll […]

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Why a Kickstarter?

A couple of weeks ago we launched a Kickstarter to help fund our next album. But for us it’s much more than just making some music. Throughout our walk with God we have been brought on this particular path to learn about the power of music, the sound of heaven and how He loves to […]

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Desire And Surrender

Have you ever want something really bad? A new car? A new house? A girlfriend? A boyfriend? or just some friends?  You start to really desire that particular thing. Let’s take the example of a new car. You have a car that you really want, you start to think what it would be like to […]

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Why Worship?

How many times have you spent time in worship? How many times has God told you to spend time in worship? I was once asked those questions, and my own answers shook me up. When we read or hear people talk about being a ‘doer of your own thing’ it’s easy to think it actually means […]

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Joyful Noise!

So after months of work we’ve finally finished our album! “Joyful Noise” is available for the cheap cheap price of £5 on our website. It feels good to have finally finished it. I’m excited about what happens next! Please go check it out 🙂 we really hope you enjoy it.

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