Four Faces: The Eagle

Approaching the topic of the Eagle I had many thoughts about what to say, yet it seemed impossible to write it in the same way I wrote about the Man or the Ox. I thought of trying to find some good poetry or maybe some profound quotes to share, this didn’t work either. In the […]

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Four Faces: The Ox

Writing about the Man was actually quite an experience in itself; attempting to put words together – with hopefully some degree of eloquence – to describe the wonder of the face of Man forced me to look into that face with fresh eyes and meet with Him in a deeper capacity. So I’m excited to […]

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Four Faces: The Man

The last blog post was a bit of an introduction to a topic that is very dear to my heart. I’m still not sure I have the words to articulate it but I want to go a bit deeper and share some more about the four faces of God. I have found that exploring this […]

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Into His Faces

Today I’m starting a mini blog series to share some of my journey with the Four Faces of God. I feel so passionately about this and it stirs my heart so deeply. I hope what I share moves you similarly, whether it’s totally new to you or something you are very familiar with, I hope […]

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Encounters That Matter

Music is one of the big passions of my life, I love listening to it, playing it, understanding it, experimenting with it etc. But there are a few moments in my life where a particular piece of music has impacted me in such a powerful way that the experience is firmly fixed in my memory. […]

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Finding His Heartbeat

It seems like a bit of a cliché but the question of how to find peace, tranquility and quiet whilst living in a fast paced, loud, busy world is an important one. I don’t think I really grasped the importance of this question until this last year. I walked into a new job which was […]

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